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Information collection​

Before the SI Media team can start working on the creative design and the production of an Internet website it must collect important information about the project. Many aspects of the project must be taken into account by our team and validated with the customer to fully understand the objectives and expectations of all the stakeholders involved in the web project.

In essence, it is during the information collection phase of the project that we answer the following

  • Who: targeted audience and user profile
  • What: the type of web site, modules, content
  • Where: Local, national or/and international audience
  • When: timeframe and deadline of the project
  • How: hosting parameters, preferred technologies
  • Why: website objectives, expectations, budget
Information collection
Planning and analysis

Planning and analysis​

Once all the information has been collected, the web project moves into the planning and analysis phase. The web project team will answer fundamental questions such as what are the needs of the website users and of its administrators or what navigation experience do we want to give to the website users. Functionalities are then prioritized to schedule the work to be done.

Each requirement is thoroughly analyzed to evaluate its impact on the overall development of the web project.

The deliverables related to the planning and analysis phase are: Scope of work, work plan, analysis document and cost estimates.

Prototypes and

With an agreed upon work plan in hand our team can begin the production of the web application prototype or website mock-ups. This essential step aligns all the parties involved on the architecture and the organization of the web project.

It also serves to validate our team’s understanding of your expectations and requirements. The website users are always at the center of the design.

Prototypes and mock-ups​
SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

A good website is one that has a lot of visitors and that can easily be found through search engines. As such, it is important to define keywords for the website even before production and development can start.

Search Engine Optimization must be taken into account throughout the development process and it has an impact on all of the elements of your website, including the name of pages, the name of the images, URL and more.

We recommend working on SEO with customers early in the development process so that your website is optimized for search engines and has optimal online visibility.

Graphic Chart and Development

Graphic Chart
SI Media graphic and design specialists put together the first few drafts of the graphic palette that will need to be reviewed and approved by your team. Once the style and the look-and-feel have been approved, the work on the graphic palette and the development can begin.

Using the industry's best standards and practices, our team starts putting your web project together and gradually brings your web project to life. It is during the development stage that we also integrate content management and e-commerce modules along with any other functionality agreed upon during the design phase.

Graphic Chart and Development
Taking care of the content

Taking care of the content

Now that we have taken care of the look and feel, the structure and the navigation of the website, it's important to pay a special attention to its content. Your website is a reflection of who you are to your prospects, business partners and customers: it has become an essential point of contact with all the stakeholders of your business.

The SI Media is there to help during this crucial step with its team of content writing experts, experienced video and audio specialists and marketing professionals.

Testing and
Quality Control

Before your website or web application goes live, it will go through a rigorous quality assurance process and a series of tests to make sure all the links, functionalities, forms and other modules work perfectly.

SI Media will also test for web browsers compatibility, search engine results, security and the overall performance of your website or web application.

Testing and Quality Control
Go live

Go live

This is the final and most exciting step of the project. Your website is now accessible from anywhere and by everyone, your clients, your prospects your business partners and your employees. It is also an exciting moment for our team and we like to celebrate this moment with our customers.

Keep in mind that your website or web application can be hosted with La Station Internet, an SI Media company that specializes in hosting and virtual server services.



A successful website or online application requires a great deal of promotion and the ability to track what works well and what should be improved. Our team can put together a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your financial and branding objectives related to your web project.

SI Media offers social media optimization services, Web analytics, referral program, relational marketing and other e-marketing to help you get the most out of your web project investment.

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